Do Not Drink Pepsi(It’s Contaminated by HIV Virus) – Hoax

There’s news from the police. Its an urgent message for all. For next few days don’t drink any product from pepsi company’s like pepsi, tropicana juice, slice, 7up etc. A worker from the company has added his blood contaminated with AIDS.. Watch NDTV. please forward this to everyone on your list

This is not the First time when such a message is circulating on social networking sites. We have already reported almost same Hoax some months ago where the message claims that Frooti is contaminated by HIV Virus.

  • There is no news on NDTV which says that  Pepsi is contaminated with HIV virus. We have checked their whole website.
  • The message says that police verified this news, It should be noted that every state has its own police force. The message does not say which police force has verified the claim. However, we have thoroughly tried to search about this claim but we haven’t found any truth behind this message.
  • There are various variants of this message, which aren’t trusted at any level.
Now we can also verify the claims medically.
The first question is, Can HIV virus be transferred in such was as it is mentioned in the message?

The answer is most probably NO as:

Q. How long does it survive in the blood outside the body?
If the blood is dry, the virus will be dead. If it is wet, a chance exists that it could still be active. The risk is very small, but rather be safe. Always try and use gloves when you are in a situation where you might be in contact with blood. HIV is very short lived on an inanimate surface. In wet fluid, consider infectious. Source

Has HIV been transmitted from body fluids placed in restaurant food?
No incident of food being contaminated with HIV-infected blood or semen has been reported to CDC. Furthermore, CDC has received no reports of HIV infection resulting from eating food, including condiments.

HIV does not live long outside the body. Even if small amounts of HIV-infected blood or semen was consumed, exposure to the air, heat from cooking, and stomach acid would destroy the virus. Therefore, there is no risk of contracting HIV from eating food.Source

Therefore the First thing that There is No Warning by any Government or any officials in the world. The second thing is that transmission of the virus in such a way is almost impossible.

Therefore, we can conclude that the message is a hoax and a variant of so many other messages on the Internet.

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